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Dental Implants

It's all too easy to forget how important your teeth are until they have been lost due to trauma or decay.

Fortunately, Dr. David Porter provides dental implants to completely restore the functionality and appearance of a compromised smile.

Implants placed at our Gillette, WY, dentistry practice provide life-changing benefits if you are suffering due to tooth loss...

Implant-Supported Restorations Are Like Having Your Natural Teeth Back Again

There are many reasons why this solution is considered to provide the next best thing to having your natural teeth back, including:

Enjoying All the Foods You Love

Dental implants are titanium devices that replace tooth roots and support crowns, bridges and dentures. Thanks to your implants, you can expect that your dental restorations will stay firmly in place whether you are enjoying a rare steak, a crisp apple, or a hearty salad.

Speaking Clearly

An unstable pair of dentures can make it incredibly difficult to speak clearly. But when your dental restorations are supported by dental implants, you can feel confident sharing a joke, delivering a speech, or handling important phone calls.

Avoiding Jawbone Atrophy

Many are unaware that the jaw will begin to shrink and change shape when there are no tooth roots to stimulate the bone tissue. Dental implants are the one and only dental solution that can halt - and even reverse - this reaction after the loss of a tooth.

A Closer Look  at Dental Implants

Dental implants are essentially prosthetic tooth roots. Implants are surgically placed in the jaw to provide the ultimate support for your dental restorations:

  • A single lost tooth can be replaced by a crown and one implant
  • Dental bridges replacing several consecutive teeth typically require at least two implants
  • A full denture can usually be supported by four to six implants

Although crowns, bridges, and dentures can last about 10 years, dental implants have been found to last 40 years or longer with proper dental hygiene and regular dental checkups at our dentistry practice. This is just one of the many qualities that make dental implants a worthwhile investment for so many of our patients in Greater Gillette.

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Book Your Dental Implants Consultation

There is no better time than right now to find out how dental implants by Dr. David Porter in Gillette can restore your health and your happiness. As a dentist who is focused on whole-body health, he can help you experience the maximum benefits of implants. His metal-free practice provides ceramic zirconia dental implants, a strong alternative to titanium dental implants that can provide a more natural appearance while posing no risk of triggering metal allergies.

During a private consultation, you and Dr. Porter will discuss what you hope to achieve with implants. He will then evaluate your candidacy for dental implants and patiently explain your treatment options, including the type of denture or other dental restoration you will need. To take the important first step toward a beautiful new smile restored with dental implants, please reach out to us online or give our Gillette, WY, office a call at:

(307) 682-3100

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"I Am So Happy I Chose to Contact Them."


Rhonda Lawstuen


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Having bad teeth can be embarrassing and a very sensitive issue, they made me feel so comfortable, were completely non-judgemental. I am so happy I choose to contact them after seeing an infomercial, worth making the 2 hr drive from Casper to Gillette and saved me over $3000.00 for same procedure quoted from Casper Dentists. 

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Ashley Shackelford


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Everyone is absolutely amazing here. The staff goes above and beyond to make you feel like family. My kids absolutely love Dr. Porter! Would very highly recommend!

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Are Implants Right for Me?

Dental implants placed through our Gillette practice can help many who are struggling after tooth loss, but there are some basic requirements that patients must meet:

  • Adequate Bone Tissue: If you have waited a long time to address missing teeth, you have likely experienced bone atrophy. Like your teeth, implants require a certain amount of bone tissue for support. If your dentist finds that your jaws cannot support implants, you can elect to undergo bone grafting, in which donor tissue is used to restore a proper base for your implants. Once the graft has healed, you can proceed with dental implant placement and look forward to replacing each lost tooth.
  • Controlled Diabetes: Although diabetes can interfere with the healing process that is essential to the success of dental implants, many patients with controlled diabetes have been able to receive implants and experience lasting benefits.
  • Nicotine-Free Lifestyle: Smoking slows the healing process, which can compromise your chances of a successful implants procedure. If you are a smoker, you should plan to stop prior to dental implant placement surgery. For the absolute best dental implant results, you should plan to break the habit permanently.

From Your First Dental Implants Consultation to Your Brilliant New Smile

Rebuilding your smile with implants isn't an overnight process. But in about three to six months, you can expect your dental implants to give you countless things to smile about. In general, dental implants require two minor surgeries. Once the jaw and gums have completely healed, our dental care team can go to work creating custom restorations for maximum comfort and a precise fit with your implants.

Implants Consultation & Candidacy Evaluation

Your dentist will take note of your goals before performing a careful evaluation of your jaws, your health history, and other factors to determine if dental implants are right for you.

Implant Placement Surgery

The gum tissue is incised and a small pilot hole is created in the bone tissue. The implant will be inserted into the jawbone and the gum tissue will be sutured closed.


The fusion of the implants to the jawbone tissue - a process called osseointegration - will take place over the next three to six months. Your dentist will schedule periodic dental care checkups to determine when your dental implants have completely integrated.

Second Surgery

Once osseointegration is complete, you will undergo a second surgery in which connecting devices called abutments are attached to the tops of the implants. The gums will be sutured in a way that leaves the abutments accessible above the gumline.


Once the gums have healed, we will take impressions of the abutments and any surrounding teeth. These will be used to create your custom restorations, which will attach directly to the dental implants, replacing each lost tooth and providing a stunning cosmetic result.


Once your restorations are complete, you will return to our office so that your dentist can attach them to your implants. While you can expect an adjustment period, you will eventually become used to your restored smile and can begin enjoying all your favorite meals and speaking with complete clarity.

"Hands Down the Best."


judith marler


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I always get amazing personal and professional attention to myself and my dental situation and needs. Dr. Porter and dental tech Lyndsey are thorough in their explanations and when answering questions. I appreciate Dr. Porter's continuing education in safe dentistry and for educating his patients. The entire staff is friendly and personable and most professional.. I highly recommend Synergy.

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chelsea McHugh


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Hands down the best dentist I have been to. Everyone in the office is so personable. They were great with my kids. I used to never look forward to going to the dentist can’t wait for my next visit

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Ceramic Dental Implants: A Beneficial Alternative to Titanium Implants

Dental implants are most commonly made from titanium. Although this solution has benefitted many worldwide, it has disadvantages that Dr. Porter has chosen to avoid in his metal-free dentistry practice. 

Ceramic zirconium dental implants:

  • Won't trigger metal allergies
  • Have a white color that blends with restorations for a better cosmetic result
  • Are less prone to expand or contract with temperature changes

Wholistic dentistry is the focus of our Gillette dentistry practice, and you can expect us to provide a solution that benefits your oral health as well as your overall health.

Ceramic Dental Implants
Dr. David Porter of Synergy Dental Center

Synergy Dental Center

At Synergy Dental Center, Dr. Porter and his team of compassionate professionals focus on treating your whole body, not just your smile. Dr. Porter holds a number of distinctions that allow him to offer patients a holistic approach to dentistry including:

  • American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry
  • TruDenta®

To schedule an appointment at our Gillette, WY, dental practice contact us online or call (307) 682-3100 today!

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